Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Children Love School!

We are in the first of our 3 weeks of school break. I asked the children what they wanted to do this morning and everyone wanted to stay home and play. What a blessing! As I am sitting here typing my oldest daughter is "teaching" her sisters. Of all the things they could do with a free morning they decided to play school! I hear my words coming out of my eldest daughters mouth and my younger ones are listening. What a joy to hear my girls playing together.

Most days school is not a huge chore and we all get along well. But, there are the other days that make me question my ability to teach the girls and their ability to learn from me. My utmost desire in schooling them is to prepare them for whatever God has in store for their lives. I want them to have a love of learning not so they can be master academics rather, that they love to learn about our Lord and Saviour. It's moments like these that I lift up my hands in praise to the Lord that He has decided to show me some fruit in the lives of these little girls. Yippee, they like school!!!

So what have I done to get to this moment? Nothing, if I have done anything it has probably been hindering the children from enjoyment and delight in learning. The only thing that can be known from this is that God is faithful when we ask him to be the Principal and source of all our knowledge whether in school or otherwise. I must continue to lift up each day of our learning and school and leave it in the only capable hands, His hands.

As we enjoy this break in our schooling I will remember to praise God for these glimpses of fruit and ask that he be in each part of our day.

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