Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who am I?

Our church has been reading the book, 30 Days to Live. One thought that has struck me in this book is that our society promotes mediocrity focusing on improving our weakness's. We tend to try and bring our weakness's up to average and ignore our strengths. During my quiet time this morning I wrote in my journal who I am and my strengths. It was so encouraging! So many times I foolishly look around me to see what I should be instead of looking clearly at what I have already been made. I would highly suggest each person take a few minutes to evaluate who they were made to be in strength and be encouraged. Just for fun here is what I came up with.

I am a daughter of the great King Jesus, excited to proclaim his truth and encourage my sisters in His word. Contemplating His truth, design, and order drive me to obey Him and submit. How I love to safely be in His fold, obeying His laws. I am thankful for my heavenly Father and the freedom I have in His law.

I am a wife who loves to encourage and challenge her husband in submission to his authority. I enjoy serving him so he can be free to do and be who God wills him to be. I love to joyfully create an atmosphere for my man to rest and and be refreshed by.

I am a mother gifted in teaching, loving to watch my children grow in their individual relationships Jesus. I enjoy creating a healthy, disciplined environment for my girls to thrive securely in.

I am a daughter and friend grateful for the beautiful relationships around me. I am honest, maybe too honest with those around me! Serving those near me brings me great joy especially if I can feed them, or enourage them with the Lord's truth.

Eating well, living healthfully, cooking, reading, quilting and trying new things with Pete and the girls are some of my personal interests. I especially like to read books that grow me and challenge me or teaching me something new. I like relaxing, coffee and being helpful. It is a trial to be waited on! I like pedicures, good deals and Jane Austin style British movies. I am blissful for the first 5 minutes after the house has been completely cleaned.

I also know what I am not. I am not casual, as much as I may try my strength does not lie in small talk, and being laid back. I love children but I do not enjoy managing many of them at the same time, I am easily overwhelmed.

Take the time to really look at your strengths and design. I hope you'll be as encouraged as I am!

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