Saturday, November 27, 2010


Life seems to be an endless cycle of monotony.  Each day I will get hungry and need to eat something then in about 4 hours I will be hungry again and need to eat and then get hungry again and need to eat.  I will sleep and then wake each day at about the same times for the rest of my life.  About every 24 hours I will require a shower.  I will pay bills once a month until I die.  Most of the things I spend my time doing are things that are cyclical and ever so monotonous!  Some of these things are enjoyable and others are a chore but, the truth is most of them are a part of my life I just need to come to content terms with them.  I caught myself saying to Pete tonight, "I have trained the children several times on how to take a shower, at what point have I trained enough that they remember to put the shower curtain in the shower!"  Training my children is so many times monotonous and it seems to be never ending.  What's a mama to do when these cycles begin to cause me to grow weary?  During these moments I realize I must, "vent vertically," as our Pastor, Mark Bowen would say.  I need to cry out to God to relieve my troubled heart of wrong attitudes and strengthen me, motivate me and comfort me.  The second thing that I need to do is find my head and follow it.  My head is my husband and God has blessed us married women with problem solvers.  When my perspective is skewed my husband is usually willing to help me adjust it and help me to fix my problems.  In the past when I've gone to my husband and spoken to him about feeling worn down from training he will often have me do something completely unexpected and what I would never think of.  The funny thing is that many times his ways, that seem so foreign to me, work!  One of the last things that I am reminded that I must do in this season of training and excess monotony is that I must stay encouraged.  Whether that be spending some time laughing with a girlfriend, reading an encouraging book, or simply refreshing with a fun movie.  Throwing something new, different, unscheduled and out of the ordinary into my routine often yields tremendous rewards.
Ahh....I feel so much better just remembering that my life is not completely monotonous and boring!   Maybe tomorrow we'll eat hot dogs for breakfast and play in the snow all day.

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