Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad!

When I was six years old one of my favorite things to do was to pop my head into my dad's wood shop and sniff the air and ask him what he was doing.  This was the one place I remember my dad being peaceful and really where he seemed  most at home.  He would patiently teach me how to use a wood burner and then let me make crazy plaques (he still has the one I made for over the cat's food dish!).  He was always working on something and didn't mind my hanging around his shop.  I thought, and still do that he was the most talented man in the world when it came to wood.

As I grew I didn't spend as much time in my dad's shop but learned to really treasure his opinion.  He didn't ever have a lot to say, but what he did was always spot on in wisdom and intellect.  I must confess that as an adult women I treasure my dad's opinion more and  more.  I know that he doesn't care to spend time shooting the breeze with just anyone so when he does with me I always feel honored to be in conversation with him.  The times he's expressed pride in the choices I've made  have been like wind to my wings.

This father's day I am so enjoying counting the ways that I value my father.  It reminds me of how the man I have married is accumulating ways that his girls love him.  Neither of these men are perfect, I rather like them better for their imperfections.  Were they to be great perfect men I could not relate or enjoy them!  As Father's Day approaches I want to send a loving note to my Father and the Father of my children and thank them for the great men that they are.  In my eyes they excel far above any other men and I send up thanks to God for allowing me to be in the company of these two.  So Pete and Dad I love you, thank you for all of the wonderful ways you make fathering a blessing to me and to my little women!

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