Sunday, August 16, 2009

Consider the Constitution Party

I wanted to post this to bring attention to this party as there are more options than just democratic and republican parties. They have a good thing going check out there web-site.

Consider Supporting the Constitution Party!!
Dear Friend of the Constitution Party,
Unemployment is causing real duress. Frustration levels are high. Thousands are turning out for "tea parties." Democrat and Republican politicians home on vacation are, much to their surprise, being shouted down by their informed and fed-up constituents.
The American people are rejecting the socialist agenda offered by President Obama, and they are also leaving the Republican Party in droves because its policies have been an abysmal failure.
Sounds like a great opportunity for the Constitution Party, doesn’t it?
It is, but only if we can let more Americans know the Constitution Party solution exists.
We continue to suffer from a near total media blackout. It is only with your generous financial support that I am able to bypass traditional media and get our message out through radio interviews, the mail and over the internet.
Your contribution is needed immediately so we can tell a disgruntled American electorate about the Constitution Party. We have reached a tipping point in America! Frankly, I’ve never seen a climate where so many people – Democrats, Republicans and independents – are so fed-up with both major parties. They are paying attention and they don’t like what they see - debt, mismanagement, corruption, a power grab for bigger, more intrusive government and major attempt to erode the fundamental rights our Constitution was designed to secure.
They don’t like Obama’s insanely expensive health care plan, and they certainly want to know why elected officials won’t even be participating in it, but will have their own elite health insurance programs.
They see too many Democrats and Republicans holding what amount to lifetime positions in DC and who have too much personal gain at stake to have any interest in returning our country to limited, constitutional government. We are getting more requests than ever for information about the Constitution Party.
I need your help to get our message out to the many people who are fed up with politics as usual in DC but don’t know about the Constitution Party. Click here now to donate.
Americans are finally becoming aware that their liberty and culture are being subverted. Meanwhile, their elected officials are enriching themselves at taxpayers’ expense, laughing all the way to the bank as they leave Congress only to move to lobbying and banking jobs, or to political appointments.
You and I know the Constitution Party is the political answer. We will run candidates for office who are committed to the tried and true principles of constitutionally-based government – Life, Liberty, and Limited Government.
But if people have never heard of the Constitution Party, how can they support our candidates, contribute, or volunteer?
It is urgently necessary that you donate as generously as you possibly can by clicking here!
The Constitution Party has been hit hard by the economic down-turn at a time when we urgently need the funding in place to reach the many Americans who are finally ready to listen to the Constitution Party solution.
Some of you are able to invest thousands of dollars into this most important of efforts for our Country, and if you are able to do that I ask you to seriously consider making such a contribution now. Your contribution will help us reach thousands of people during this important crossroads in our history.
No amount is too small -- every dollar will help now -- but TRY to double your usual amount if you can. Please help us win back government of, by and for the American people by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more to the Constitution Party National
We truly need your help now, if we are to take advantage of this historic opportunity.
Thank you for giving as generously as you possibly can, today, for the future of America by clicking here.
Yours for liberty, James N. ClymerNational Chairman

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  1. Hmmmm -- not likely to pull me from the Republican Party anytime soon. But interesting to read.