Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ladies Like Country Boys

As I was listening to the radio in our truck today I heard a verse in a song that said, "ladies like country boys." This set my mind in motion, thinking of the ways I have experienced this truth. It also made me think of the ways I would like for my daughter's to experience it. As I think it is a beautiful compliment to have a lady with a hard working, tough man.

I confess I am a lady in training still. Growing up I heard, girls can do whatever boys can, I watched television a plenty depicting women as loud and abrasive with low morals. I am still trying to figure out what a true lady is. According to the bible a lady of the Lord has these qualities; she is a helpmeet to man (Gen. 2:18), she works diligently, is trustworthy, takes care of the poor and needy, takes care of herself and her dress (Pr. 31), loves her husband and children, is self-controlled, pure, kind and submissive (Titus 2).

What I have figured out is what a real man is. I have had the privilege to be a wife to a real man. He can fix anything, is strong and brave and above all he can lead through any situation with a calm demeanor. He is not afraid of hard work and puts needs before wants. Although we have never lived in the country he is a "country boy." When I think of the men who work on farms and in the country I think of men who are hard working and labor for what they have. I can honestly say my husband fits that picture! I can also attest to the attractiveness and loveliness of a man who works tirelessly.

Will there be any "country boys" or "ladies" in the next generation? I certainly hope there will be "country boys" that grow into Godly, strong men for my girls. I hope there are boys being raised and trained in the ways of God and that they are learning to work hard, be tough and persevere through trials. I like to think that there are still boys being boys out there, wrestling and competing to be the best physically, mentally and intellectually. Boys who push themselves to be more like men each day. Boys who are practicing being men.

What about ladies? Will there be any in the next generation? I am doing what I can to help my girls to be ladies. Encouraging kind, gentle voices that leave room for men. Practicing taking care of home and family. Dressing in a way that glorifies God. Living life joyfully and following a man. This is no small feet in today's culture. Learning to submit to authority and respect men is seen as weak. On the contrary these little girls that play dolls, help to clean and cook, love their daddy's and respect them are anything but weak. They are girls that will make some "country boy" real happy and know his hard work is worth it. They are girls that will raise up happy, content, God fearing families. And that is nothing to look down on or suppress but to rejoice over.
So I guess my question is this; Are we raising ladies and country boys? Or has our culture convinced you that an androgynous society of weak metro sexual men and masculine leading women is acceptable? I know I want to raise ladies and take the challenge very seriously. No women will ever be content trying to live in man's role nor will any man ever be a successful and fulfilled women. Let's get back to the roles that God designed for us to live in and stop apologizing for being what we were created to be. Let's stop trying to make our little girls into tough little men and our little boys into whiny little girls. Require those girls to respect daddy, require those boys to not fuss and be strong. They will thank you when they grow to have a marriage and life made in heaven because it is within God's design.

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  1. Amen! Couldn't agree more...Keep it comin' Jennifer...Just love your pearls of wisdom and gentle reminders :-) Since culture "reminds" me of the contrary daily.