Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Weeks Menu

I am back on track with eating well and does it ever taste good! We've been eating more whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruit and loving it. I had forgotton just how good it tastes to eat fresh and natural. My taste buds have prompted me to post another menu.

Friday: B-oatmeal and oj
L-leftover spaghetti and green beans
D-ww pizza w/ fresh mozzerella and salad
Saturday: B-ww pancakes and blueberry smoothies
L-a concotion of leftovers
D-Hamburgers, roasted potatoes and fresh vegies
Sunday: B- Eggs and Toast
L-turkey wraps & garlic roasted potato soup
D-fried rice & kiwi w/ vanilla yogurt for desert
Monday: B-banana-nut oatmeal and oj
L-Almond butter and hney sandwiches w/ vegies
D-out for dinner
Tuesday: B-granola and oj
D-Pete's fish, hashbrowns & peas
Wednesday: B-blueberry, yogurt and granola parfaits
L-Turkey Melts, vegies
D-Chicken Legs, brown rice & mixed vegies
Thursday: B-muffins, scrambled eggs and smoothie
L-bean burritos, vegies
D-roast chicken with carrots, potatoes and onions
Friday: B-pumpkin oatmeal, oj
L-almond butter and honey sandwiches, vegies
D-pizza and vegies

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