Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mother's Prayer

I read this prayer in Home-Making by J.R. Miller, written in 1882. I think I may print this and put it up where I can see it daily so I remember to take each of my trials to the Lord.

"My mind was ruled with small cares today,
And I said pettish words, and did not keep
Long-suffering patience well; and now how deep
My trouble for this sin! In vain I weep
For foolish words I never can unsay.
Yet not in vain, oh, surely not in vain!
This sorrow must compel me to take heed:
And surely I shall learn how much I need
Thy constant strength my own to supersede,
and all my thoughts to patience to constrain.
Yes, I shall learn at last though I neglect
Day after day to seek my help from thee.
Oh, aid me, that I may always recollect
This gentle-heartedness and oh, correct
Whatever else of sin thou seest in me."

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