Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time Well Spent

The first thing I look forward to each spring is hanging clothes out on the line.  After being indoors for so many months I crave some time outdoors.  Hanging out laundry is one way I can be productive and enjoy the fresh air.  Today my girls are hanging their laundry out, it's never too early to start training them!  Their sweet giggles as they work together and interesting comments make it a delight to sit by and witness.  Since the girls were babies I've always tried to include them in everything that needs to happen in a day to keep our home running.  The training and teaching of how to care for self and home was long and sometimes challenging, but now pays off in great rewards.  I am confident that our home would continue to run smoothly with the girls at the helm.  They can cook, clean, do laundry, make minor repairs and keep themselves on a schedule.  Not every attempt is done perfectly, but they are well on their way and I am blessed by their service.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 10: Canoeing the St. Croix

Pete and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary this weekend sans kiddos!  Today we decided to go canoeing down a 7 mile stretch of the St. Croix River.  These are my favorites from today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 9: Chewing Gum and Paint

We are in our 6th week of homeschool.  Gretta is usually the most compliant, joyful, energetic positive kid you could wish for, unless she's doing her language arts or reading work.  We have been battling attitude and issues since day 1.  Finally it struck me today I am trying to teach her like I did my 3 other left brained children.  She is right brained the way I am presenting her work does not make sense to her.  I feel bad it took me this long to figure out that what I am doing is the problem, not her attitude.  Poor girl!  Thank the Lord she is graceful and forgives me when I am so slow to apply wisdom.  So today we approached learning to read in a new way.  We put together words with flash cards, painted pictures and then wrote the words on them and chewed gum to keep our minds steady.  There was significantly more joy in the second part of our day when I started presenting information to her in a  way she could understand!  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Today was Julia's first violin lesson.  She is thriving with a full soccer, music, school and social life schedule.  Her extroverted heart is supremely happy with a full schedule.  God has been so generous and kind to provide for her so many opportunities.  I pray Julia glorifies God mightily in each of her endeavors!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 7: Beautiful Day

Today was gorgeous.  We had a full day church, celebrating Julia's birthday with grandparents and then a trip to our old neighborhood.
Our bees at my Dad's are doing well.  They love the sedum this time of year.  It was a challenge to capture the bees as they were in almost constant motion.  

Lizzy had a rough day allergies are getting her down.  Yet, she still has beautiful hair and accessories.  She is my detail girl!

While visiting our old neighborhood the girls took an opportunity to recreate a picture they did several years ago.  It was especially touching to me.  Our friend and neighbor Carol had been receiving cancer therapy in Reno, NV several years ago.  We took a picture just like this on her tree to send her and let her know she was being prayed for and was missed.  This time she views from heaven.  I sure miss Carol.  She had such a deep impact on my life.  I remember her for her devotion to God, contagious laugh, frugal financial sense and always being ready for guests with an appetizer and cocktail!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 6: Taco Daze

This is our 3rd year attending the Scandia Taco Daze.  It is the only fair we do as a family.  There is the running of the meatballs, cheese curds, beer and a short parade.  It's just our speed.  
I don't ever recall seeing neon pink in nature, until today.  

The waiting for the parade was the hardest part, but the candy makes up for it!

Day 5: The Teens Begin

At 7:37 this morning I officially became the mother of my first teenager.  She's been a joy to behold lately and makes me laugh.  There are trials, but overall this girl is a delight to my heart.  Tonight she is celebrating with some soccer friends with a bonfire and Mrs. Doubtfire.  Thank you Lord, for another year with this one!