Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 7: Beautiful Day

Today was gorgeous.  We had a full day church, celebrating Julia's birthday with grandparents and then a trip to our old neighborhood.
Our bees at my Dad's are doing well.  They love the sedum this time of year.  It was a challenge to capture the bees as they were in almost constant motion.  

Lizzy had a rough day allergies are getting her down.  Yet, she still has beautiful hair and accessories.  She is my detail girl!

While visiting our old neighborhood the girls took an opportunity to recreate a picture they did several years ago.  It was especially touching to me.  Our friend and neighbor Carol had been receiving cancer therapy in Reno, NV several years ago.  We took a picture just like this on her tree to send her and let her know she was being prayed for and was missed.  This time she views from heaven.  I sure miss Carol.  She had such a deep impact on my life.  I remember her for her devotion to God, contagious laugh, frugal financial sense and always being ready for guests with an appetizer and cocktail!

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