Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inconveinant Reminder

I forgot the baby's birthday!  Really I forgot that sweet little #5 was turning 2 today.  What a terrible reminder of how I fall short.  It was 10:00a.m. before I remembered Greta's birthday.  I guess the great thing about her turning 2 is that she probably could care less.  My, how life changes.  With sweet baby #1 she had 3 parties and plans were made weeks in advance.  Well now these girls have a mentally overloaded mom who may forget their birthday altogether!

The one comfort I have in forgetting is that this sweet baby #5 has received what the other children did not.  More patience, cuddles and affection.  Since I was so busy with little ones previously or work I didn't get to just snuggle as much as my babies wanted.  Little Gretta has received a lot of time with Mom, love and hugs.  As I get older my hot temper is mellowing and my hyperactive ways are subsiding slightly.  So fortunately for Gretta she has gotten a calmer more patient mother.  Maybe this makes me feel slightly better for forgetting her birthday!

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