Monday, September 7, 2015

A Photographic Journal: Day 1

It's been years since I've opened this account.  YEARS!  This time I'm blogging to keep a journal of what is happening in my life photographically.  I have wanted a fancy camera for years and the day finally arrived yesterday.  Pete bought me my dream camera and then to top it off he took me to one of my favorite parks to hike and try out the camera.  I am one blessed woman.

This is my favorite photo for the day.  Everywhere I looked there was fresh new growth on the forest floor, on the stone cliffs and the decaying trees.  The soft curves of this mushroom are almost luxurious in form and these fluted lips capture my fancy.  Will I ever cease to be enamored by God's voracious design?

Life has grown, abundantly but in directions I could not have prepared myself to take.  These silent years have been a mix of maturing and humbling.  A time of seeking my Lord and His will aside from human voice.  I've had a growing, gnawing desire to express.  I pray this is the outlet the present time needs. At the least I look forward to looking over not just words, but pictures of these fleeting days.

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