Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 2: Frustration

This day has been filled with mystery smells, forgetful minds,  and challenged attention.  I'll not wish it away just yet.

This was the sweet moment of the day.  In my frustration and feelings of inadequacy to teach these little gems I stole a second to stop and appreciate the gift I have in homeschooling for one more year. I'm making mistakes and struggling alongside the girls, but I wouldn't trade my role for anything.

This I would trade.  Loads of laundry and fumigating stinky little girl mattresses, bedding and bedroom.  How can such  small beings make such an awful smell?  In case you are wondering how to get a mattress to smell better you need to get pet and kid deodorizing spray.   Now what would I trade this for?  A pedicure and pristinely clean house.  I know it's shallow but I do think it would be worth the trade!

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